A. V. Gorochov

Taxonomy of the katydids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) from East Asia and adjacent islands. Communication 3.

Number: 236, Pages: 1 - 13

A new genus, six new species and a new subspecies of the tribe Meconematini (Sumatropsis) spitsini gen. et sp. n., S. longipennis sp. n., Xiphidiopsis symmetrica sp. n., X. brevifurca sp. n., X. angustifurca sp. n., Xizicus daedalus sp. n., Chandozhinskia bivittata vietnamica subsp. n.) are described from Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. Xiphidiopsis amnicola Gorochov, 1998 and Ch. b. bivittata (Bey-Bienko, 1957), comb. n. are recorded from Vietnam for the first time. Previously unknown male of Xizicus hue Gorochov, 2005 is described.

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