V. A. Trjapitzin

On species of the genus Homalotylus Mayr, 1876 (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae ) from the Russian Far East.

Number: 231, Pages: 1 - 4

Two species of the genus Homalotylus from the Russian Far East had been earlier identified erroneously by Trjapitzin (1989) and Sharkov & Trjapitzin (1995), viz.: H. flaminius (Dalman, 1820) and H. rubricatus Sharkov, 1995. The former occurred to be H. eytelweinii (Ratzeburg, 1844). New synonymy is proposed: Homalotylus ephippium (Ruschka, 1923) = Homalotylus rubricatus Sharkov, 1995, syn. n.

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