D. S. Aristov and A. P. Rasnitsyn

A new Eoblattids (Insecta: Eoblattida) from the Permian of Russia.

Number: 230, Pages: 1 - 12

New taxa of the order Eoblattida (Insecta) from the Permian of European Russia are described: Soyanopteridae fam. n. with Soyanoptera volucris gen. et sp. n. from the Lower Kazanian (Middle Permian) of Archangelsk Region, Poldarsia relictaria gen. et sp. n. from the upper Severodvinian (Upper Permian) of Vologda Reg., and Stereosylva singularis Aristov, 2002 from the Kungurian (Lower Permian) of Perm Region. Genus Stereosylva Aristov, 2002 is transferred to Soyanopteridae from the family Euryptilonidae (order Grylloblattida). Letopala costalis gen. et sp. n. (Eoblattida incertae familia) is described from the Lower Kazanian of Archangelsk Region.

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