A. S. Lelej

To the knowledge of the East Asian species of the tribe Trogaspidiini Bischoff, 1920 (Hymenoptera, Mutillidae) with description of eight new genera and two new species.

Number: 30, Pages: 1 - 24

Fourteen genera and 52 species are reviewed. Eight new genera: Pagdenidia gen. n. (type species – Timulla mickeli Pagden), Orientidia gen. n. (type species – Mutilla proserpina Smith), Promecidia gen. n. (type species – P. yamanei sp. n.), Krombeinidia gen. n. (type species – K. peterseni sp. n.), Protrogaspidia gen. n. (type species – Mutilla volatilis Smith), Nonveilleridia gen. n. (type species – Mutilla bataviana Andre), Neotrogaspidia gen. n. (type species – Mutilla pustulata Smith), Eotrogaspidia gen. n. (type species – Mutilla auroguttata Smith), and two new species: Promecidia yamanei sp. n. (Malaysia: Sarawak) and Krombeinidia peterseni sp. n. (Sri Lanka) are described. The key to 15 genera is given. The dividing of tribe Trogaspidiini to subribes Trogaspidiina and Petersenidiina subtribe n. is proposed.

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