D. S. Aristov and S. Yu. Storozhenko

A new subfamily of grylloblattids Uralopriscinae subfam. n. (Grylloblattida: Lemmatophoridae) from the permian of Russia.

Number: 219, Pages: 1 - 8

New subfamily Uralopriscinae Aristov et Storozhenko, subfam. n. of family Lemmatophoridae is described. Review of the type genus Uraloprisca Aristov, 2009 is given. Neotype of Paraprisca uralica Zalessky, 1952 is designated. New synonymy is proposed: Uraloprisca uralica (Zalessky, 1952) = Paraprisca causaria Novokschonov, 2000, syn. n.

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