S. Y. Lang

Study on the tribe Chalingini Morishita, 1996 (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Limenitinae).

Number: 218, Pages: 1 - 7

The small tribe Chalingini Morishita, 1996 (Nymphalidae, Limenitinae) is studied in this paper. Three new synonyms are proposed: Chalinga Moore, 1898 = Seokia Sibatani, 1943, syn. n., = Eolimenitis Kurentzov, 1950, syn. n., = Ussuriensia Nekrutenko, 1960, syn. n. Seokia pratti (Leech, 1890) is transfered to the genus Chalinga as a new combination: Ch. pratti (Leech), comb. n. Tribal position of the genera Auzakia Moore, 1898 and Bhagadatta Moore, 1898 from Oriental region and the genus Hamanumida Hübner, 1819 sensu lato from Afrotropical region is discussed.

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