S. Yu. Storozhenko

New Upper Carboniferous grylloblattids (Insecta, Grylloblattida) from Siberia.

Number: 26, Pages: 18 - 20

Family Daldubidae Storozhenko, fam. n. with two new genera and species from Upper Carboniferous of Siberia (Dalduba faticana Storozhenko, gen. et sp. n., Vrezalduba nervosa Storozhenko, gen. et sp. n.) are described. New name Narkeminidae Storozhenko, nom. n. is proposed for Narkemocacurgidae Pinto et Ornellas, 1978 (with genera Narkemina Martynov, 1931, Paranarkemina Pinto et Ornellas, 1980 and Narkeminopsis Whalley, 1979).

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