A. L. Ozerov

A review of palaearctic species of the genus Nanna Strobl, 1894 (Diptera, Scathophagidae) with shining stripes or spots on scutum.

Number: 214, Pages: 1 - 8

The information on species of the genus Nanna Strobl possessing shining stripes and spots on scutum, i.e. N. brevifrons (Zetterstedt), N. longicornis (von Roser), N. nigriventris (Loew), N. puberula (Becker), and N. bispinosa (Malloch ) is given. The redescription of N. longicornis is provided. The species N. nigriventris is restored and removed to the genus Spathephilus Becker. Lectotype for Cordylura breviven­tris Loew, 1873 is designated. Two new synonyms are established: Amaurosoma minuta Becker, 1894 is a new junior synonym of Nanna flavipes (Fallén, 1819), Cordylura breviventris Loew, 1873 is a new junior synonym of Cordylura nigri­ventris Loew, 1864. N. bispinosa is registered in Russia for the first time.

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