A. V. Gorochov

New data on the chinese representatives of the genus Diestrammena (Orthoptera: Rhaphidophoridae: Aemodogryllinae).

Number: 212, Pages: 12 - 15

A new subspecies and two new species from Chinese provinces Sichuan and Gansu are described below: Diestrammena (Gymnaeta) sichuana altimontana subsp. n .; D. (G.) gansu sp. n .; D. (Tachycines) denticulata sp. n. New specific name D. (Gymnaeta) sichuana nom. n. is proposed instead the homonymic name D. (G.) proxima Gorochov, 2010. Status of D. (G.) acutilobata Gorochov, 2010 is clarified.

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