I. Kinasih and K. Nakamura

Abundance and diversity of soil and litter invertebrate macro fauna in satoyama in Kanazawa, Japan: a higher taxonomic level analysis.

Number: 207, Pages: 1 - 20

The abundance and diversity of soil and litter fauna collected in a "satoyama" area in Kanazawa University`s Kakuma Campus, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, Japan in 2005 are discussed. Ten sampling sites were established: six of them were located in the cultivated area in a valley with terraced paddies under restoration and other four in unmanaged forested area. The samples were dealt with at higher taxonomic levels such as class and order. CCA ordination revealed a clear separation of soil and litter fauna composition among different habitat types (forested area, dwarf bamboo area, and cultivated area) and between layers (soil and litter) with specific environmental condition. The amount of litter was the strongest influence, affecting the richness and density of the soil and litter fauna like Collembola and Arachnida.

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