I. Ya. Grichanov

Review of the genus Dolichophorus Lichtward, 1902 (Diptera: Dolichopodidae, Medeterinae).

Number: 201, Pages: 1 - 16

The taxonomic position of the genus Dolichophorus is discussed. The diagnosis of genus and key to six species are given. Three new species ( D. caucasicus Grichanov sp. n. from Azerbaijan, D. madagascariensis Grichanov, sp. n. and D. friedmani Grichanov, sp. n. from Madagascar) are described. A key to allied genera and species groups of the tribe Medeterini of the Old World is given. Asioligochaetus Negrobov, 1966, stat. n. is considered as a distinct genus, not a subgenus of the genus Medetera. The new combinations are proposed: Dolichophorus luteoscutatus (Parent, 1936), comb. n. (from Medetera), Asioligochaetus vlasovi (Stackelberg, 1937), comb. n. (from Oligochaetus), Medetera demeteri (Grichanov, 1997), comb. n. (from Saccopheronta).

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