D. S. Aristov

New Grylloblattida (Insecta) from Kargala locality (Russia: Middle Permian).

Number: 192, Pages: 1 - 8

One new family, three new genera, and six new species of grylloblattids (Insecta: Grylloblattida) are described from the Kargala locality (Orenburg Region; Middle Permian, Urzhumian Stage): Liomopterites amanakicis sp. n., Expartolioma urzhu­mica sp. n. (family Liomopteridae), Megakhosara nana sp. n. (family Megakhosaridae), Urzhumskalicia kargalensis gen. et sp. n. (family Skalicidae), Kargaloptera connexa gen. et sp. n., and Kargalia sakmarica gen. et sp. n. (family Kargalopteridae fam. n.).

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