M. Yu. Proshchalykin

The bees of family Colletidae (Hymenoptera, Apoidea) of Transbaikalia.

Number: 187, Pages: 1 - 9

An annotated list of 19 species in two genera of colletid bees is given. Ten species: Colletes cinicularius (Linnaeus), C. daviesanus Smith, C. pallescens Noskiewicz, Hylaeus annulatus (Linnaeus), H. confusus Nylander, H. gracilicornis (Morawitz), H. paradifformis Ikudome, H. paulus Bridwell, H. rinki (Gorski), and H. stentoriscapus Dathe are newly recorded from Transbaikalia. The diversity of the colletid bees in the Transbaikalia, Yakutia, and Russian Far East are discussed.

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