Gorochov A.V.

Taxonomy of the katydids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) from East Asia and adjacent islands. Communication 16

Number: 485, Pages: 7 - 28

The new material on the genus Elbenia Stål (Phaneropterinae: Holochlorini) is considered. This genus is divided into five subgenera: Tamdaopteron Gor., stat. n.; Javapteron subgen. n.; Hemielbenia subgen. n.; Elbenia s. str.; Aequapteron subgen. n. Ten new species from Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia are described: E. (T.) ryabovi sp. n.; E. (T.) daedala sp. n.; E. (T.) subrecta sp. n.; E. (Е.) carinata sp. n.; E. (E.) semicarinata sp. n.; E. (E.) apicata sp. n.; E. (E.) paradigitata sp. n.; E. (E.) eudigitata sp. n.; E. (E.) neodigitata sp. n.; E. (A.) appressa sp. n. A previously unknown female of E. (E.) serraticauda Heb. is also described. Some new geographic localities for a few old species are indicated.

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