Humala A.E.

New for the Russian fauna Darwin wasps (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) from Primorsky Krai and Sakhalin Island

Number: 484, Pages: 1 - 8

Brachyzapus striatus Humala, sp. n. is described and illustrated from Primorsky Krai. Three genera: Nematopodius Gravenhorst, 1829, Seticornuta Morley, 1913 and Chriodes Förster, 1869 and six species of ichneumonid wasps: Acroricnus nigriscutellatus Uchida, 1930, Nematopodius flavoguttatus Uchida, 1930, Colpotrochia osuzensis Kusigemati, 1971, Seticornuta koreana Lee et Choi, 2015, Brachyzapus pyramidalis Choi et Lee, 2019, Chriodes xinbinensis Sheng et Sun, 2014 are reported from Russia for the first time.

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