Gildenkov M.Yu.

New species of the genus Carpelimus Leach, 1819 (Coleoptera: Staphilinidae: Oxytelinae) from Moluccas

Number: 474, Pages: 1 - 6

Carpelimus (Trogophloeus) nigerfrontis sp. n. is described and illustrated from the Moluccas (Indonesia). By flattened body and light brown head with a black anterior frons the new species is similar to species of the closely related genus Mendaxinus Gildenkov, 2004 but according to the structure of the 3-segmented tarsus, aedeagus and spermatheca it undoubtedly belongs to the genus Carpelimus Laech, 1819. The new species differs from all known species of Carpelimus by the structure of aedeagus.

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