Grichanov I.Ya.

Four new species of the genus Thinophilus Wahlberg, 1844 (Diptera: Dolichopodidae) with new records and a key to species known from India and adjacent regions

Number: 472, Pages: 1 - 17

Four new species from India, Thinophilus calangutensis sp. n., T. poinguinimensis sp. n., T. sambharensis sp. n., and T. somnathensis sp. n., are described and illustrated. The new species differ from other similar congeners in the morphology of the male cercus and surstylus, as well as in the male secondary sexual characters on the legs. Four species are new for the fauna of India, two new for Malaysia, two new for Sri Lanka, and two species new for Thailand. An identification key to 11 species of Thinophilus known from India and adjacent countries is also provided.

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