Linawati, S. Tanabe, A. Ohwaki, D. Akaishi, R. E. Putra, I. Trisnawati, I. Kinasih, C. Kikuchi, T. Kasagi, S. Nagashima and K. Nakamura

Effects of the red-pine forest management for mushroom cultivation on the ground, below- and above-ground invertebrates in Suzu, Central Japan.

Number: 166, Pages: 1 - 15

The effects of red-pine forest management for matsutake mushroom production on invertebrate communities were examined using four sampling methods: window and pitfall traps, and sampling of litter and soil. Samples were collected from the "managed site" and from the surrounding "control site" without management. The total number of individuals collected was significantly lower for pitfall trap and higher for litter sampling in the control site than in the managed site. Management significantly reduced the diversity of higher taxa in litter samples in the managed site. DCA analysis revealed the difference in faunal composition of higher taxa between the two sites.

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