Z. A. Fedotova and V. S. Sidorenko

New gall midges of the tribes Brachineurini Edwards, 1937 and Stomatosematini Mamaev, 1968 (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) from the Russian Far East.

Number: 163, Pages: 1 - 28

Five new genera and 11 species of gall-midges from tribes Brachineurini and Stomatosematini: Alatostyla velutina gen. et sp. n., Rhizomyia umbra sp. n., Rh. propensa sp. n., Rh. operculata sp. n., Rh. papposa sp. n., Stabiliola serrata gen. et sp. n., Volsatiola aequa gen. et sp. n., Compositola competiva gen. et sp. n., S tomatosema medularis sp. n., S. breviseta sp. n. and S. cuneata sp. n. are described from Primorskii krai. New combination is proposed: Rhizomyia applanata Fedotova et Sidorenko, 2005 = Acinacistyla applanata, comb. n.

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