Tishechkin A.K., Zinchenko V.K., Sergeev M.E.

New and little known Histeridae species (Coleoptera) from Russia with a synonymy note

Number: 467, Pages: 11 - 16

Margarinotus maruyamai Ôhara, 1999, Eulomalus longipunctatus Seung et Lee, 2019 and Platysoma jongwooki Ôhara et Ahn, 2018 are recorded from Russia for the first time. New localities are reported for Niponius osorioceps Lewis, 1885, Bacanius kurbatovi Gomy et Tishechkin, 1993, B. lableri (Reichardt, 1941), and Onthophilus extraordinarius Reichardt 1941. New synonymy is established: Onthophilus extraordinarius Reichardt 1941 = Onthophilus jackli Kapler, 1993, syn. n.

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