Kazerani F., Shamshev I.V., Morinière J., Thorn S.

New records of Empididae and Hybotidae (Insecta: Diptera) from Hyrcanian forest in Iran and Azerbaijan

Number: 462, Pages: 20 - 28

The genus Dolichocephala Macquart, 1823 of the family Empididae is recorded for the first time from Iran and Azerbaijan, including one species D. monae Joost, 1981. A neighbour-joining tree based on genetic divergences on the CO1 gene within nine species of Dolichocephala is provided. In addition, the genus Oropezella Collin, 1926 of the family Hybotidae (one species O. sphenoptera (Loew, 1873)) and two species of the subgenus Empis s. str. of the genus Empis Linnaeus, 1758 (E. (E.) earina Collin, 1960 and E. (E.) temryukiensis Kustov et Shamshev, 2013) of the family Empididae are reported for the first time from the territory of Iran. The female of E. (E.) temryukiensis is described for the first time.

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