Barkalov V.A., Mutin V.A.

Two new species of the genus Eumerus Meigen, 1822 (Diptera: Syrphidae) from Central Asia

Number: 461, Pages: 24 - 30

Two species of Eumerus tricolor group, namely Eumerus kopetdagicus sp. n. from the Kopet Dag Mountains in Turkmenistan and Eumerus ryzhik sp. n. from Southeastern Uzbekistan, are described. The first species is most similar to E. atricolorius Gilasian et van Steenis, 2020 (females of both species are unknown) but differs from latter by mainly black dorsal surface of the abdomen as well as by yellow basal 1/3 of tibiae. The second new species is similar to E. binominatus Hervé-Bazin, 1923, but differs by entirely pale pile on face, frons and vertex as well as orange basoflagellomere and characters of male genitalia.

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