A. V. Gorochov

A new genus of the tribe Petaloptilini (Orthoptera: Gryllidae: Gryllomorphinae) and the partial revision of species included.

Number: 160, Pages: 1 - 11

A new genus Ovaliptila Gorochov, gen. n. is proposed for 8 species distributed in Eastern part of Mediterranean region: O. buresi (Maran, 1958), comb. n. (type species), O. krueperi (Pantel, 1890), comb. n., O. wettsteini (Werner, 1934), comb. n., O. lindbergi (Chopard, 1957), comb. n., O. newmanae (Harz, 1969), comb. n., O. kinzelbachi (Harz, 1971), comb. n., O. beroni (Popov, 1975), comb. n., and O. willemsei (Karaman, 1975), comb. n. These species excluding O. wettsteini were included by previous authors in the genus Discoptila Pant. described from Spain and probably absent in the above-mentioned region. Brief redescriptions of majority these species and discussion about other species previously included in Discoptila are given.

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