Gorochov A.V.

Taxonomy of the katydids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) from East Asia and adjacent islands. Communication 15

Number: 459, Pages: 1 - 26

The new material on the following genera of the subfamily Meconematinae is considered: Subtilodecma gen. n.; Xizicus Gor.; Xiphidiopsis Redt.; Rhinoteratura Gor., stat. n.; Borneratura Gor.; Odonturisca Gor. The genus Xiphidiopsis is here understood to contain four subgenera at least: nominotypical one; Euxiphidiopsis Gor., stat. resurr.; Paraxiphidiopsis Gor., subgen. resurr.; Dinoxiphidiopsis Gor. The replacement generic name Caprixizicus nom. n. is proposed for Paraxizicus Gor. et Kang (a junior homonym of Paraxizicus Liu) which is also restored from synonyms of Euxiphidiopsis and Paraxiphidiopsis. The generic name Leptoteratura Yam., syn. n. and the name of its type species (Meconema? albicorne Motsch., syn. n.) are synonymized on the base of the type material with Meloimorpha Walk. (Gryllidae) and M. japonica japonica (Haan), respectively. Fifteen new species and subspecies are described: S. unilobata sp. n. and S. bilobata sp. n. (Borneo); Xizicus (Eoxizicus) robustocercus sp. n. (Vietnam); X. (E.) bothrocercus sp. n. (China); X. (E.) reductus sp. n. (Vietnam); X. (Axizicus?) incisus laticercus subsp. n. (China); X. (Paraxizicus) anisyutkini sp. n. and Xiphidiopsis (Xiphidiopsis) beybienkoi adjacens subsp. n. (Vietnam); X. (X.) b. namlik subsp. n. and X.? laosi sp. n. (Laos); X.? lampungi sp. n. and Rh. ketambe sp. n. (Sumatra); Rh. pseudocapreola sp. n. (Java); B. kinabalu sp. n. and O. dentata sp. n. (Borneo). A previously unknown male of Rh. uniformis (Gor.), comb. n. (Borneo) is also described. Lectotype for Rh. capreola (Redt.), comb. n. is designated. The generic and subgeneric position of several species, erroneously attributed to the “genus” Euxiphidiopsis and some other genera and subgenera, are clarified. Some new data on species distribution are provided.

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