E. A. Makarchenko and M. A. Makarchenko

Chironomids of the genus Bryophaenocladius Thienemann, 1934 (Diptera, Chironomidae, Orthocladiinae) from the Russian Far East.

Number: 158, Pages: 1 - 24

The male imagines of eight new species of Bryophaenocladius Thienemann (B. auritus sp. n., B. distinctus sp. n., B. kobayashii sp. n., B. korkishkoi sp. n., B. lanceolatus sp. n., B. moneronus sp. n., B. piltunensis sp. n. and B. tshukoticus sp. n.) from the Russian Far East are described and figured. The male imagines of three new for Palaearctic species, B. flavoscutellatus (Mall.), B. psilacrus Sæther, B. subparallelus (Mall.), and three new for Russian Far East species, B. akiensis (Sasa, Shimomura et Matsuo), B. nitidicollis (Goetgh.) and B. vernalis (Goetgh.), are briefly redescribed. A key to the male imagines of the Russian Far East is given.

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