Streltzov A.N., Ustjuzhanin P.Ya., Yakovlev R.V.

A new species of the genus Scoparia Haworth, 1811 (Lepidoptera: Pyraloidea, Crambidae) from the Transcaucasia

Number: 457, Pages: 1 - 6

Scoparia sinevi Streltzov, sp. n. is described from the Republic of Southern Ossetia. The new species is very similar in its appearance to the Central Asian S. juldusella (Caradja, 1916) but distinctly differs from latter by the male genitalia with cornutus consisting of three large spines (cornutrus with one large spine in S. juldusella). The moths of the new species were collected from forb subalpine meadows in the Rachinsky Range.

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