Koshkin E.S., Golovizin V.A.

New records of tropical and subtropical noctuoid moths (Lepidoptera: Erebidae, Nolidae) from Primorsky krai, Russia

Number: 456, Pages: 12 - 16

Two new Erebidae genera (Hypospila Guenée, 1852 and Lacera Guenée, 1852) and two species, Hypospila bolinoides Guenée, 1852 and Lacera procellosa Butler, 1879, are recorded from Russia for the first time. Siglophora sanguinolenta (Moore, 1888) (Nolidae) is new for the fauna of Primorsky krai. Invasions of tropical and subtropical moths in the southern part of the Russian Far East are briefly discussed.

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