Fateryga A.V., Buyanjargal B.

New records of Quartinia mongolica (Morawitz, 1889), with a comment on a closely related species Q. funebris Kostylev, 1935 (Hymenoptera: Vespidae: Masarinae)

Number: 453, Pages: 8 - 16

Quartinia mongolica (Morawitz, 1889), a species hitherto known only from the type series collected in China (Gansu), is reported from Mongolia (Khovd Province). The species is closely related to Q. funebris Kostylev, 1935 known from Turkmenistan. They differ in coloration, integumental sculpture, and the structure of the male genitalia. Lectotypes are designated for both species. Quartinia funebris reported from Kazakhstan for the first time.

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