Falahatpisheh A., Saghaei N., Fallahzadeh M.

New data on the bees of the genus Hylaeus Fabricius, 1793 (Hymenoptera: Colletidae) from the Fars Province, Iran

Number: 451, Pages: 1 - 5

An annotated list of seven species of the genus Hylaeus Fabricius, 1793 collected in the Fars Province of Iran is presented. Two species, H. (Paraprosopis) gujaraticus Nurse, 1903 and H. (P.) taeniolatus Förster, 1871 are new additions to the Iranian bee fauna. Furthermore, five species are new records for the Fars Province. With the current additions, the total number of Hylaeus recorded from the Fars Province and Iran is now increased to 17 and 66 species, respectively.

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