Gorbunov O.G.

New data on clearwing moths (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) of Sakhalin Island

Number: 449, Pages: 21 - 28

Four species of clearwing moths found in Sakhalin Island in July 2021. Pen­nisetia hylaeiformis (Laspeyres, 1801), Sesia yezoensis (Hampson, 1919) and Synanthedon bicingulata (Staudinger, 1887) were collected using synthetic sex pheromones. Females of Synanthedon herzi Špatenka et O. Gorbunov, 1992 were collected from inflorescences of Eupatorium chinense L. (Asteraceae). Synanthedon bicingulata is recorded for the fauna of the island for the first time. Pennisetia hylaeiformis is represented by the subspecies assimilis Arita, 1992. For each of the collected species, data on the distribution, larval host plants, and sexual activity of males are given.

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