Sasakawa K.

A new synonym of the ground beetle Pterostichusbandotaro Tanaka, 1958 (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

Number: 449, Pages: 18 - 20

The endophallus structure of Pterostichus neglectoides Budilov, 2022, which was described from the Jewish Autonomous Region (Russia), is completely identical to that of P. bandotaro Tanaka, 1958, which was described from Honshu (Japan). The external morphology of the two is also identical in terms of body size, overall shape, surface punctures, and chaetotaxy. Therefore, a new synonymy is proposed:  Pterostichus bandotaro Tanaka, 1958 = Pterostichus neglectoides Budilov, 2022, syn. n. This taxonomic treatment led to the first record of P. bandotaro from the Asian continent.

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