Kaplin V.G., Martynov V.V.

A new species of the bristletail genus Charimachilis Wygodzinsky, 1939 (Microcorypha: Machilidae) from Eastern Ukraine

Number: 449, Pages: 1 - 8

Charimachilis petrophilus Kaplin, sp. n. is described from Donetsk region of Ukraine. New species is most similar to C. taurica Kaplin, 2021 and C. rostoviensis Kaplin, 2020 but differs from them by the ratio lengths of contact line and compound eyes, by number of hyaline spines on dorsal surface of 5–7th articles of maxillary palpus, by ratio of lengths of stylus and urocoxites VIII and IX, and by number of divisions in posterior gonapophysis. New species is also similar to C. ukrainensis Stach, 1958 and C. wahrmani Wygodzinsky, 1959 but distinguishes from them in the ratio of contact line to eye length, the distance between inner margins of ocelli to total width of compound eyes, the lengths of stylus and urocoxite IX, and from C. wahrmani also in the number of divisions in gonapophyses VIII and IX.

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