Grichanov I.Ya., Selivanova O.O.

The long-legged flies (Diptera: Dolichopodidae) from Kurile Islands, with description of a new species of the genus Sciapus Zeller, 1842

Number: 445, Pages: 7 - 24

An annotated list of dolichopodid species recorded from Kurile Archipelago (Russia) is given for the first time. Sciapus basarukini sp. n. from Kunashir Island is described and illustrated. New records for 26 species, including 8 species new for the Kurile Islands, are presented. Long-legged flies are recorded for the first time from the Anuchina, Tanfilyeva, Polonskogo, Urup, Chirpoy, Brat-Chirpoyev, Simushir, Ushishir, Matua, Raikoke, Paramushir, Kharimkotan, Makanrushi, Atlasov, and Onekotan islands. Two species are excluded from the fauna of Kurils. In total, 54 species are recorded from the Kurile Archipelago that appa­rently makes up 50–60% of the actual dolichopodid fauna in this region. The trends discovered on the Kurile Islands for plant species, i.e. the landscape diversity and the number of plant species increase from small to large islands, and decrease from southern islands northward, are generally supported by the case of flies of the family Dolichopodidae.


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