Barkalov A.V., Mutin V.A.

To the hoverflies fauna (Diptera: Syrphidae) of the high mountains of Eastern Sayan in Siberia

Number: 443, Pages: 17 - 24

A list of 101 species of hoverflies recorded from three high altitudinal belts in the Eastern Sayan mountain region is given. Most species belong to the subfamilies Syrphinae (60 species) and Eristalinae (38 species), while Pipizinae and Microdontinae are presented by two and one species, respectively. Totally, 96 species were found in the forest zone, 37 species were found in the mountain tundra and only Platycheirus chilosia has been caught in the golsty belt. New synonymy is established: Melangyna arctica (Zetterstedt, 1838) = Melangyna soszynskii Mielczarek, 2013 syn. n., = Melangyna tsherepanovi (Violovitsh, 1965) syn. n.

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