Li X.-R.

Redescription of cockroach Pseudoglomeris (Glomerexis) tibetana (Bey-Bienko, 1938) (Blattaria: Blaberidae: Perisphaerinae) from China

Number: 442, Pages: 7 - 12

Glomerexis Bey-Bienko, 1938, stat. resurr. is resurrected from synonymy of Pseudoglomeris Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1893 and considered as a subgenus of the latter. The type species of Glomerexis, P. (G.) tibetana (Bey-Bienko, 1938) from eastern Xizang (Tibet), is redescribed and illustrated here. The subgenus Glomerexis consists of three alpine flightless species: the type one, P. (G.) semisulcata Hanitsch, 1924 and P. (G.) angustifolia (Wang et Che, 2011).

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