Makarov K.V., Sundukov Yu.N.

A new subspecies of Bembidion sanatum (Coleoptera: Carabidae) endemic to the Mendeleev Volcano (Kunashir Island, Russia)

Number: 440, Pages: 13 - 24

Bembidion (Peryphanes) sanatum iwanai ssp. n. is described from the solfatara fields of the Mendeleev Volcano (Kuril Archipelago: Kunashir Island). It slightly differs from the nominative subspecies by body proportions, as well as the relatively narrow external intervals of the elytra and their microsculpture, yet showing stable distinctions in endophallus armature (basal part of lamina 1 is rounded, vs. angular in the nominative subspecies) and in the spermatheca duct (5–6 convolutions, vs. 7–8 in the nominative subspecies). Endemism of insects on the island’s large volcanic massifs of Kunashir Island is discussed.

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