Gorbunov O.G.

A new genus of the tribe Osminiini (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) from the Oriental Region

Number: 439, Pages: 1 - 13

The genus Pyrophleps Arita et O. Gorbunov, 2000, stat. resurr. is restored from synonyms of the genus Aschistophleps Hampson, 1893. A new genus Nepyrophleps gen. n. is described. This new genus consists of three species: N. haematochrodes (Le Cerf, 1912), comb. n. (type species), N. cucphuonganae (Arita et O. Gorbunov, 2000), comb. n., and N. bicella (Xu et Arita, 2015), comb. n. A detailed redescription of A. haematochrodes is presented, including the male genitalia. This species is reported for Laos for the first time.

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