Baturina N.S., Efstifeeva S.S.

First data on caddisflies (Trichoptera) from the Mountainous Shoria in Western Siberia

Number: 438, Pages: 16 - 24

An annotated list of 29 species from 18 genera and 10 families of Trichoptera inhabiting rivers and streams of the Mountainous Shoria is given. All species are recorded from this region for the first time. Two species, Dicosmoecus obscuripennis Banks, 1938 and Rhyacophila lata Martynov, 1918, are new for Western Siberia. Moreover, Mountainous Shoria is the westernmost locality for Rhyacophila narvae Navas, 1926, Neophylax ussuriensis (Martynov, 1914), and Stenopsyche griseipennis (McLachlan, 1866) distribution.

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