Chemyreva V.G., Kolyada V.A.

Review of the subtribe Psilommina (Hymenoptera: Diapriidae, Belytinae) from Russian fauna

Number: 436, Pages: 1 - 34

Three species of the Acanopsilus Kieffer, 1908, six species of Acanosema Kieffer, 1908, two species of Polypeza Förster, 1856, and four species of Psilomma Förster, 1856 of the Russian fauna are reviewed, keyed and illustrated. Six of these species are described: Acanopsilus comadensis sp. n. (Russia: Primorsky krai), A. minimus sp. n. (Russia: Primorsky krai), Acanosema (Cardiopsilus) dentigastrum sp. n. (Russia: Primorsky krai), A. (C.) epicnemium sp. n. (Russia: Primorsky krai), A. (C.) setigerum sp. n. (Russia: East Siberia, Yakutia; Sweden), Psilomma calaris sp. n. (Russia: Kunashir Island; Japan). The generic status of Cardiopsilus Kieffer, 1908 is reduced to subgeneric one under Acanosema Kieffer, 1908 and a new combination is proposed for A. productum (Kieffer, 1908), comb. n. from Cardiopsilus Kieffer, 1908.

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