Jiaranaisakul K., Constant J.

The Lanternflies of Khao Krachom Mountain, Ratchaburi Province, Thailand (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Fulgoridae)

Number: 435, Pages: 7 - 19

An annotated list of eighteen species of the family Fulgoridae from  Khao Krachom Mountain, Ratchaburi Province of Thailand is given. Three species, Pyrops connectens (Atkinson, 1885), Pyrops spinolae (Westwood, 1842) and Zanna nobilis (Westwood, 1838), are recorded from Thailand for the first time and two species of the genus Dichoptera Spinola, 1839 represent a new country record or even a species new to science. Data on the  preferred habitat and host plants of lanternflies are also provided and briefly discussed.

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