Gorochov A.V.

Taxonomy of the katydids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) from East Asia and adjacent islands. Communication 14

Number: 434, Pages: 1 - 25

The Indo-Malayan genus Lipotactes Br.-W. is subdivided into nine subgenera: Lipotactes s. str.; Mortoniellus Griff., stat. n.; Prolipotactes subgen. n.; Dialipotactes subgen. n.; Neolipotactes subgen. n.; Miolipotactes subgen. n.; Sublipotactes subgen. n.; Analipotactes subgen. n.; Eulipotactes subgen. n. The following new species and subspecies of this genus are described from Borneo, Sumatra and Sulawesi: L. (L.) alienus lambir subsp. n.; L. (L.) a. similajau subsp. n.; L. (L.) a. kubah subsp. n.; L. (L.) sumatranus sp. n.; L. (P.) hamatus wartabone subsp. n.; L. (P.) h. lorelindu subsp. n.; L. (P.) h. irisovi subsp. n. Some former species taxa are reduced to subspecies ones: L. (S.) khmericus samkos Ingr., stat. n.; L. (S.) kh. saengeri Ingr., stat. n.; L. (S.) discus productus Ingr., stat. n. For several other taxa of this genus, new localities and some other data are given.

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