Kadyrbekov R. Kh.

A new species of Xerobion Nevsky, 1928 (Hemiptera: Aphidoidea, Aphididae) from Kazakhstan, with a key to apterous viviparous females of the genus

Number: 431, Pages: 10 - 16

A new species Xerobion ulytavicum Kadyrbekov sp. n. from host plant Galatella biflora is described from Karaganda region (Kazakhstan). New species differs from the most similar X. caspicae Bozhko, 1963 by the shape of the ultimate rostral segment, the ratio of the length of the siphunculi and the cauda (0.4–0.75 vs 0.7–1.0, respectively), the proportion of frontal setae to the diameter of the third antennal segment at the base (1.0–1.2 vs 0.7–1.0) and a hair on the trochanter of hind legs to the diameter of the trochanter-femoral suture (0.5–0.6 vs 0.25), as well as a host plant belonging to another genus. A key to apterous viviparous females of all known species of the genus Xerobion is given.

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