Jaitrong W., Pitaktunsakul P., Jantarit S.

A new species of the genus Carebara Westwood, 1840 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Myrmecinae) inhabits a cave in Thailand

Number: 425, Pages: 7 - 20

A new species Carebara panhai Jaitrong, Pitaktunsakul et Jantarit, sp. n., closely related to C. pygmaea (Emery, 1887), is described from Kanchanaburi Province in Thailand based on the worker caste. The new species is easily distinguished from the closely related species (C. rubra (F. Smith, 1860), C. transversalis (F. Smith, 1860) and C. pygmaea) by the presence of erect hairs on the dorsum of body. New species was found nesting in the twilight zone of a cave. The major and minor workers of C. pygmaea are described and illustrated also.

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