Ponomarenko M.G.

New species of the genus Ypsolopha Latreille, 1796 (Lepidoptera: Ypsolophidae) from the south of the Russian Far East

Number: 421, Pages: 14 - 26

An analysis of the mtCOI sequences in the species from the genus Ypsolopha Latreille, 1796 mades it possible to confirm a new species for science, Y. occultatella sp. n., morphologically similar to the East Asian species Y. yasudai Moriuti, 1964. The genetic distance between the mtCOI sequences in Y. occultatella sp. n. and Y. yasudai is 0,066–0,069 (6,6–6,9 %). However, the minimal genetic distance, 0,038–0,042 (3,8–4,2 %), was determined between the mtCOI sequences of the new species and Y. blandella (Christoph, 1882), while these species differ well in the forewing pattern.

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