Shabalin S.A., Tsarkov S.V.

Description of the larva of Protaetia (Cetonischema) speciosa speciosa (Adams, 1817) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Number: 420, Pages: 20 - 24

The larva of Protaetia (Cetonischema) speciosa speciosa (Adams, 1817) is described and illustrated for the first time. The larvae of the subgenus Cetonischema Reitter, 1899 have a thoracic spiracle same size as a spiracle of abdominal segments VII–VIII, larger than spiracles of abdominal segments I–VI; spiracles of abdominal segments I–VI are the same size; venter of last abdominal segment with short setae and a single of long to short setae on the lateral sides and at the apex, as well as areas without setae and spines in median part. The larva of Protaetia s. speciosa differs from larva of P. speciosissima (Scopoli, 1786) by a number of pali and it chaetotaxy in the row in palidia, and by a chaetotaxy of head capsula.

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