Beljaev E.A.

New contribution into concept of the tribe Deveniliini (Lepidoptera: Geometridae, Ennominae) based on skeleton-muscular anatomy of the male genitalia

Number: 420, Pages: 1 - 13

Skeleton-muscular anatomy of the male genitalia of Devenilia corearia (Leech, 1891), Synegia ichinosawana (Matsumura, 1925), Platycerota incertaria (Leech, 1891), Lomographa bimaculata (Fabricius, 1775), and Cabera pusaria (Linnaeus, 1758) is described. Probable synapomorphies of Deveniliini, its generic composition and relations to Baptini and Caberini are discussed. Presumably, Deveniliini is separate lineage of ennomies, basal to Baptini and Caberini.

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