Khobrakova L.Ts., Rudykh S.G., Ulzii Ts., Gantigmaa Ch.

Life cycle of ground beetle Chlaenius tristis reticulatus Motschulsky, 1844 (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in the condition of Western Transbaikalia

Number: 418, Pages: 19 - 24

In the conditions of Western Transbaikalia, Chlaenius tristis reticulatus Motschulsky, 1844 has a one-year late spring – early summer life cycle with the hibernation of a young generation of beetles. The interpretation of their life cycle is based on the study of sex and age-related structure of imago, the seasonal activity of generative females, the above-ground activity of larvae, and stages of the development of beetles in the laboratory conditions. The changes in the seasonal activity of beetles on meadows with different soil moisture (steppificated, moistened, and marshy meadows) were identified.

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