Teslenko V.A., Yavorskaya N.M.

First report of viviparity of the stoneflies Capnia khingana (Plecoptera: Capniidae) in the Low Amur River Basin

Number: 417, Pages: 17 - 24

For the first time on the south of the Russian Far East, in small cool spring-like streams of the Low Amur River Basin, viviparity or live-bearing reproduction of stone­flies Capnia khingana (Plecoptera: Capniidae) was recorded. Apparently, the development of nymphs in eggs takes more than two months. Mature embryos were found throughout the abdomen, thorax, and head of C. khingana females, their number varied from 178 to 124. The first-instar nymphs hatched inside female body and exiting under the genital plate had head capsule with apparent eyespots, thorax, abdomen, legs, cerci and antennae. The lengths of the firs-instar nymphs varied from 910.33 to 920.35 μm, and the width of the head capsule, from 161.85 to 171.13 μm.

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