Barkalov A.V., Mutin V.A., Daminova D.B., Rakhimov M.R.

New species of the genus Eumerus Meigen, 1822 (Diptera, Syrphidae) from Central Asia

Number: 417, Pages: 1 - 7

Eumerus bilobatus sp. n. is described from Uzbekistan and Turkme­nistan. The new species belongs to the bactrianus subgroup of the strigatus species group of the genus Eumerus Meigen, 1822 (sensu Grković et al., 2019). It is most similar to E. bifurcatus van Steenis et Hauser, 2019 but differs from latter in yellow hairs on ocellar triangle, shorter ventral hairs on hind femur, narrowly yellow-brown tip of tergite IV as well as in the structure of the male genitalia (in E. bifurcatus, ocellar triangle with black hairs, ventral hairs on hind femur 3-5 times longer than dorsal hairs, and tergite IV completely black).

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