Tiunova T.M., Makarchenko E.A.

Chironomid community (Diptera: Chironomidae) of temporary stream of Southern Primorye, Russian Far East

Number: 414, Pages: 1 - 10

During the April to June and October 2013, chironomids fauna of temporary stream of Primorye Territory has been studied from the water and dry periods. A total of 26 taxa were identified during the study, comprising the subfami­lies Diamesinae, Orthocladiinae, Chironominae and Tanypodinae. This temporary stream is a type locality for five species: Lappodiamesa omelkoi Makarchenko et Makarchenko, 2013, Hydrobaenus distinctus Makarchenko et Makarchenko, 2006, H. majus Makarchenko et Makarchenko, 2015, Metriocnemus aprilis Makarchenko et Makarchenko, 2020, and Tvetenia vialis Makarchenko et Makarchenko, 2012. Of them L. omelkoi and M. aprilis are endemic to this stream, wile other species was found in perennial stream habitats. In water period the greatest richness values were observed in April (20 taxa recorded) and lowest in June (7 taxa). In the dry period (October), only 5 taxa were registered. According to biological characteristics, such chironomid species as H. majus, H. distinctus, Hydrobaenus sp. and Eukieffe­riella gr. brehmi withstand the dry period with cocoons. The dominant species by abundance during period investigation were H. majus, H. distinctus, Orthocladius (Mesorthocladius) lamellatus Sæther, T. vialis, and Hydrobaenus sp.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.25221/fee.414.1

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